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Revision and Refund Policy - Computer Science Homework Helper

Read and understand our revision and refund policy to acquaint yourself with the rules that govern when and how we issue free revisions and refunds. The policy helps you save the maximum amount while avoiding running into any conflict with us.

The Revision Policy

We spare no effort in working to deliver the best computer science homework solutions that comply with all your instructions. However, due to human error, we may miss one or two things that you may need fixed as soon as possible (though it seldom happens). All our clients have the right to revisions in such cases. Therefore, we have outlined the revision policy for this. Here are the circumstances under which you'll receive free revisions:

  • All revisions must be requested within 14 days after service has been offered.
  • Revisions will only be done if the initial instructions are not complied with. Otherwise, we shall ask for a revision fee.
  • Errors related to grammar, word count, and typos are updated for free. Conceptual errors are also free of charge.
  • Computer Science Homework Helper will need between 3 and 48 hours to complete revisions. This period depends on the nature of your order and bulk of the revision.

The Refund Policy

We are held responsible for delivering orders according to your instructions and in time (within the deadline). Should we violate any of these commitments, the client is entitled to a partial/full refund based on this policy. We offer legitimate service and would like you to be 100% satisfied with them. But we're already at 96% satisfaction rate, and we're working hard to seal the remaining 4% that is mostly caused by human error and or unavoidable circumstances. But since we do not want you to lose anything whole working with us, we offer partial and full refunds as highlighted in the following sections.

Partial/Full Refunds are Accepted When:

  • The user's account is deducted twice or more than the original quote amount without agreement.
  • No service is delivered within the deadline without notification despite clear instructions sent to the company by the client.
  • The wrong service was delivered yet the right information about the order was received by the company in time.
  • The customer tells us to stop working on the order; we will offer partial refund in this case.
  • The order is partially delivered. The refund in this case is also partial.

We Do Not Accept Refund Requests Under the Following Circumstances:

  • The refund request is filed after our 5-day money-back guarantee: - For regular orders, we offer a 5-day grace period for requesting refunds. If you also for a refund beyond these days, we shall not process it. For emergency orders, it is usually 10 minutes.
  • The customer changes the instructions: - If you had sent us a set of instructions for your homework and wish to change them and get the order redone in accordance with the new instructions, we will not accept it, and you're not eligible for a refund due to this.
  • You did not specify the reason for refund in your refund request email: - We expect you to give us a valid reason for refund failure to which we shall not process it.
  • The order was sent in time and a revision was asked for: - If you ask for a revision, you acknowledge that after the underlying issues are fixed, the order will be perfect. We don't expect you to ask for a refund after this.
  • There is an agreement to extend the delivery time: - If we requested for more time to complete your homework, and you agreed to the proposal, you are not eligible for a delay refund.

Refund Processing

We will process your refund within 7 business days after the day we confirm that your request is valid. We are not responsible for any transaction charges, delays, or other anomalies due to any issues with the underlying bank.